Meet Jean Grey, the hottest girl in Westchester


So over the past few days I have read the first four issues of X-men volume one, from 1963. Over the course of these first few issues we are given the first basic introductions to the five heroes and their personalities, which, boiled down, are more or less the same as we know them today. Cyclops is just no fun, Bobby is an idiot, Angel is an arrogant, high-bred jerk, Beast is super smart and condescending (although we don’t really see it until issue three, which I’ll get too), and Jean is a girl.

And yes, of course, there is much more to their personalities than that, but we’re going on first impressions here. Their biggest personality traits are all negative, except for Jean, the girl. And she’s not just a girl, she’s a super hot girl. Like, the hottest girl anyone has ever seen, it seems. I’m gonna refrain from making any dumb phoenix jokes here.


There’s the first appearance of Jean Grey, very tiny and talking to a mysterious purple man while the dudes are busy bro-ing it up upstairs.

ImageHere we have the boys gawking at her some more (poured into that suit – wow) and Beast looking and acting like a goon, because he hadn’t suddenly morphed into the well-read very serious adult man that we know yet. That doesn’t happen until the middle of issue three.

ImageRemember in high school, when the super hot girl broke up with her boyfriend of three years, and suddenly it was just a free-for-all, like the god damn circus was suddenly in town and all of the dudes were completing for the newly-single girl’s fancy? This is kind of like that. I guess they are teenagers, so it does make sense, but seriously, every time that Jean is discussed, barring the few times her mutant powers are brought up, what is being discussed is how hot she is and who is going to be doing what with her before the other boys do.

ImageI’m honestly not entirely sure what’s going on in this panel, but I think that Professor X is thinking to himself about how he’s shamelessly in love with a seventeen year old girl who is one of his students.

ImageAnd here we have Angel just physically snatching her up and driving off with her. I can tell you, that kind of maneuver works every time. Chicks love stuff like that.



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