Asteroid M


During the X-Men’s first fight with the Brotherhood, we also get to see the very first appearance of Magneto’s headquarters, Asteroid M. (X-Men #5) This is pretty significant because that chunk of rock is still part of the X-Men universe today. It will be seen time and time again over the next fifty years.

That space station is also one of the most interesting and modern looking pieces of technology I’ve seen so far in this series. I’m thankful that it doesn’t have some sort of giant M or giant horseshoe magnet on top of it. I’m a big fan of that panel above. As you’ll see below, artists go back to it quite often.

Asteroid M


Here we find Asteroid M showing up again in X-Men #113 and again in 1991’s X-Men vol. 2 issue #1. Notice that the design for this space station hadn’t changed all that much from the very first drawing that Jack Kirby released of it.


Here it is making an appearance in the X-Men arcade game from 1992.


Most recently however, Asteroid M has served as Utopia, the X-Men’s island home off the coast of San Francisco. At some point this asteroid was plunged into the ocean, but it still continues to serve as a sanctuary to persecuted mutants.


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